Den Japanske Have

Since moving to Denmark I have aspired to visit this garden in deepest Fyn. In the early 2000s, Peter Dalsgård fulfilled a dream to recreate the serenity and beauty of a traditional Japanese garden here in the countryside of Denmark, 9000km west of the mountainous islands of Japan.

6 years on and I finally managed to visit! The gardens are an exceptionally faithful reproduction of the gardens you will find in every corner of Japan. From the dynamic terrain and vistas of the outlook garden to the meditative minimalism of the temple and meditation gardens, many aspects of traditional garden design have been studiously explored and reproduced on the gentle slopes of the garden.

I noticed several examples of the tradition of integrating the landscape around and beyond the gardens into views and journeys through the garden, along with wonderful leading lines and paths, creating ever evolving narratives as new flora and garden elements were revealed. A wonderful place, very much worth a visit.

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