A whisky for people who don’t like whisky?

The prospect of travelling in Japan had me excited for many reasons: the culture-shock, the density, the landscapes, the birthplace of karate, the lo-fi hip-hop… But also: the whisky. Clearly the breadth of whisky on offer in Japan is limited, but an affordable supply of the various Suntory labels is an exciting prospect. What I wasn’t expecting was a) to find a grain whisky which I enjoyed as much as a malt, and b) to find a whisky which Lucy could spend an evening enjoying by my side. The whisky which achieved this feat was “The Chita”.

The only grain whisky in Suntory’s stable of distilleries it is an affordable and quite delightful dram. The nose is a subtle combination of vanilla, honey and light citrus. It’s gentle on the nose, particularly over ice, but the first sip reveals a burst of flavour: loads of vanilla, that rich honey, floral blossom undertones (honeysuckle maybe?). The finish is quite short and wraps up with those citrus tones first detected in the nose. It’s perfect over ice, and lovely for a late summer evening – not one I can imagine sipping as a winter warmer next to a roaring fire.

Lucy’s tasting notes: much more drinkable than a malt. Softer, sweeter but with a pleasant kick. Definitely a caramel-vanilla flavour coming through!

So there you have it: a whisky for the whole family. Did I mention it was affordable?!

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